After the sale

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After the sale

It’s over.  A lot sold including the dining room table. Someone got a very good deal on that. Enough said.


It was surreal arriving to the frenzy of discount day.


Stuff was flying out the door.


I ran into Jan Elftmann, artist extraordinaire, who said she found some treasures including my old brownie uniform that was complete with matching socks.  I told her the story about the baby cloths and that I had thought about keeping the brownie uniform, but there is comfort in knowing Jan has it. She said she found an Anchor Inn pen from my dad’s old restaurant.  Yikes, I said I might have to get that from you.  She told me where I could find more and I did find three along with some other “smalls.” As you can see in the above, my mother kept everything, even hooks for Christmas ornaments marked “not very good” on the bag.


The morning after.


Self portrait basement the morning after.


Master bedroom the morning after the sale.


As I rummaged through the unsold items I found several treasures that I am SO glad didn’t sell.  A package of 15 original water color cards that my Mom did.  I hope there were not others that I missed. A Christmas spoon that she painted and a box of Christmas ornaments she painted that she had been asking about and I thought had gotten packed.  It horrifies me about what other stuff, especially the cards, that I might have missed. Oh well.  Letting go. I have this set and we have the ornaments. Whew.

I dropped one load off at my neighborhood thrift store. I have various organizations that I am going to be donating the clothing and other usable items. The Waters head of nursing said they would be happy to have some of the craft items. I suggested to her that my Mom and another resident named Emily who was an art teacher to lead some classes for the other residents.  She thought that was a great idea. Hopefully my Mom and Emily will like the idea as well.

Fingers crossed.


  1. Sandy Agustin
    January 26, 2015

    What a bittersweet journey. Letting go indeed. Lots o love as you continue…

  2. Donna Bruni
    January 28, 2015

    love this photographic record and accompanying words about getting go.

  3. When it’s time to let go | NewsCut | Minnesota Public Radio News
    February 1, 2015

    […] A day later, it was over. […]

  4. Carol A. Wobschall
    February 1, 2015

    The photo record of the home recalls the home of my parents as it was prepared for an estate sale. Both parents took pride and joy in the upkeep or their home. Fortunately my children and I were able to chose the items meaningful to each of us, a grandmother clock that continues to chime the hours in my daughters condo on the Mississippi, jewelry from Dayton’s Oval room bought for my wedding in 1957, red wooden hearts my father made in his retirement years, after age 80. Each of these becomes more dear as the years pass. It is a task each family will address, yet so very individual in how one goes about achieving that task with dignity and respect. Concluding the work, one vows, I want to start letting go of my belongings now so no one else will need to do it.


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