Phonebanking for Obama.

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  1. Michal Daniel
    October 27, 2008

    Nice! Really nice!

  2. Robb
    November 2, 2008

    Matt Mosh is a photographer traveling to all the Obama and McCain campaign offices in the battleground states and capturing images of the activities inside. His observations are a very interesting contrast in modern day politics.

    First, in sates like Virigina and Pennsylvania, Obama has more offices at a ration of 5:1 and ins some cases 10:1. when they go into McCain volunteer offices they have been practically empty compared to nearly full bustling Obama offices, filled with passionate young and a wide variety of volunteers. Also, they are astonished at the differences in the mood an temperament they encounter in these two vastly different environments.

    The McCain volunteers don’t seem to be on task or working with a purpose or mission. They often don’t want to talk or have little to say. Mosh is open and tells them he is from the press and is shooting for the Washington Post. McCain people act unfriendly, often saying “No Comment” and when he asks them abou the campaign or the specific goals they are ill-informed and anti-press.

    This is stark contrast to the Obama volunteers who are friendly, open and moer than willing to talk about their purpose and mission. Mosh says they offer information freely, are very well informed about the status of the campaign, have multiple perspectives (no just the “company line”) and regularly have conference calls, email updates, and current information to discuss about the campaign. He says the Obama volunteers are passionately engaged as if they have a reason that comes from the heart.

    Mosh says he cannot find equivocal or equal energy in the McCain campaign. And he thinks this energy and atmosphere pervades both campaigns because it comes from the manner and purposes of the candidates themselves. He also believes he is witnessing a generational transformation in politics.

  3. Robb
    November 3, 2008

    And, you never know who you might run into at a Obama Office when you volunteer on election day:

    If you want to help Obama win the Preisdency go to:

    Be a part of history; you will not regret it!


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