Minnesota Council on Families Rally to Protect Marriage.

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Minnesota Council on Families Rally to Protect Marriage.

Heterosexual Marriage that is.   There is something especially disturbing to me about this lead image.  I will say it was a “good” picture day.  I was fired up with this crowd, about half the size of the Marriage Rights Rally on Valentine’s Day.  So much hatred and fear in the speeches today.

Senator Warren Limmer.  Author of the Anti Gay Marriage Amendment.

Rep. Peggy Scott.  Another foot soldier to “protect” Marriage.

Teresa Collett.  A close friend of Michele Bachmann. The crowd cheered at the mention of Michele’s name as the person who started their crusade.

Not once did the subject of love enter the conversation.  Only protecting children from this dangerous path.  I cry for any of the kids present today that might know they are different from their parents.

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  1. Nancy Larson
    March 8, 2013

    Thanks for this posting Terry. I’m glad the crowd was small and I’m sad about the lack of love in their lives and in their words.


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