Seasons change

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Shake up at the Bachamann campaign.

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Ed Rollins and his deputy campaign manager are both jumping off the Bachmann bandwagon.  Rollins says it’s because of health issues that he is stepping down but goes on to say that this is a Perry/Romney race and that they have not been able to turn her winning of the straw poll in Iowa into […]

Michele Bachmann speaking to the American Legion National Convention.

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Perhaps not her biggest gaffe on the campaign trail however it does seem Michele Bachmann is always a little off on her facts.  As you can see in the video, she is reading from her own printed speech so she’ll be unable to blame it on the telepromters. You can see it here thanks to […]

Heaven on earth.

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I love the North Shore.  There is a special energy in this place.

Lake Superior

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Dealing with the intractable.

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Today Governor Mark Dayton made one more offer to Speaker Zeller and Senate Majority leader Koch.  Dayton said he would accept the June 30th offer made by the Republicans with some conditions.    Dayton announced this during a presentation at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota.  Larry Jacobs does a fantastic […]

Newt and Callista on parade, Clear Lake Iowa.

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Sure, it’s all happy and love right now along with the 1/2 million credit with Tiffany’s,  but don’t get sick Callista or you may go the way of the others. Now that’s some family values.  Or will it be Callista who dumps Newt when she realizes he’s a washed up has been that no one […]

Who’s crazier?

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Michele Bachmann or me for driving two hours each way to Clear Lake Iowa to try to make a “picture” of Bachmann.   The pay off was a two-fer.  Newt and Callista also were on parade. She has it all now,  the big blue campaign bus and security guys with their ear pieces and radio cuffs.  […]

After the storm

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Whew.  Lovin that cool front that come with the storm along with the amazing light and rainbow!