Meet the press day at the Capitol

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House Majority leader Kurt Zellers, Governor Mark Dayton and Senate Majority leader Dave Senjem met with the press today along with House minority leaders Rep. Paul Thissen and Senator Tom Bakk.

Let’s see….a new Vikings stadium?  A downtown casino?  Maybe.  Repealing the constitutional amendment on Gay marriage….not likely.  Lining the pockets of the uber rich?  With the Republicans controlling both houses I’d put all my money on that bet.

Senator Senjem said the Republican party will not be filing an ethics complaint against Senator Amy Koch for her inappropriate affair with a Senate staffer.  She resigned her leadership post along with Micheal Brodkorb when the news broke.  Amy Koch was a champion of protecting marriage from the Gay people when it’s protecting her from undoubtedly irresistible charm of of Mr. Brodkorb was in order.  Maybe he’s Gay and the affair with Amy was an attempt to correct that?  Is that the problem and the need for this amendment???????  If so, Brodkorb can swing by the Bachmann pray the gay away clinic.  I hear they are back in town looking for something to do since their Presidential dreams have vanished.

Cynical, you betcha.

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