Packing on a gray day.

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Packing on a gray day.

Today was a meeting with an estate sale company.  It’s mostly a service and not about making big $$$.  My parents style of collections hold little value.  To me the service is worth it to have someone else sorting through and at least getting rid of some of it. I’ve heard about Bridging as a place to donate to people who need furniture so that’s my plan for anything usable that doesn’t sell.


Mona has been taking my mother over to the house to go through her things.  Patience in this situation makes Mona worth every penny that we pay her as it is a huge job to keep my mother on task.  The goal has been for her to go through the closets so she can decide what cloths she wants to keep.  Every closet and dresser in the house is packed with her cloths.  Few of course are winter items since they have been going to Florida for 30 years. The knick knacks are much more important but she says all of her good clothes must come as well.  She just can’t decide on which just yet.

As my brother and I are packing her “must haves” we know they will most likely say in boxes until she leaves this world.  I showed her the size of the storage unit.  55’x68.”  It will be packed to the ceiling for sure. She wants to keep everything but doesn’t want to spend another $50 a month for another storage locker.


My Mother is very upset that I don’t want her dining room set.  “All the other people’s children are taking their things.” The message of disappointment continues into my middle age as I plod on with reality of my present. Oy.

I am beyond grateful for my friends who are helping me get through this.




  1. Mallory Polk
    December 16, 2014

    hang in there, terry. xxoo

  2. Susan
    December 16, 2014

    I’m probably not the first to tell you about Roz Chast’s book, ‘Can’t we talk about something more pleasant?” It may be a little too close to the bone for you as you go through this, but it might also give you a guffaw of recognition. She touches on so many of your themes, whether getting rid of your parents’ belongings (hers were border-line hoarders) or “the message of disappointment” as you put it. Maybe you’ve already read it. It’s dark and yet I read it in one sitting and laughed out loud all the way through. BTW, your photos are beautiful and poignant as heck, as always. Your mom might be disappointed that you don’t want the dining room set, but surely she’s proud of the “reality of your present” and all you’ve accomplished. But at this time of her life it’s her ‘stuff’ that matters to her, as you’ve observed. Maybe you fake it and say you’ll treasure it. It being an thing, an objet or a trinket. Or a table. Then — later, bye-bye. Or not. Seems like you’re doing a fantastic job, so hang in there.

  3. Sue Kyllonen
    December 19, 2014

    Love the landscape. Stunning. You’re doing it all right and I will be there close behind you. Best wishes dear Terry


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