Estate Sale next week

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Estate Sale next week

When I met with the estate sale folks on Tuesday to sign the contract I asked her when she was going to start setting up.  Right now she said.  Wowza, that put going through the last things in high gear.

_DSF7855smallI moved the last of my mom’s art work and the portraits of me and Scott done in New Orleans in 1963. I hated that dress, but for some reason I am compelled to keep it for now.  Go figure.

_DSF7873smallThe melancholy of it all is taking a toll on me. It had to be done, but I am sad that they did not get to live out their days in their beautiful home. I’ve been to many estate sales over the years and it’s a bit of a surreal experience to see my parents things out in bins marked from .25-3.00.  The pricing on most stuff will happen Monday and Tuesday of next week with the sale on Wednesday and Thursday.

_DSF7905smallThis part is almost over and closing on the sale of the house will happen as planned on January 29th. I decided that I am taking them over to the house over the weekend so that my Mom can have one last look to make sure I’m not selling something that she will regret afterwards.  I sure don’t want to be blamed for getting rid of something that I will then have to listen to for the rest of her life.

There has been a subtle shift in my Mom since our caregiver quit. Or perhaps it was the news this week of a 4th person in their lives has died since just before Christmas.  My Dad’s sister, 2 of my Mom’s cousins, and a neighbor from the old hood. Each of them younger than my folks. Life, what a journey.

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  1. Carol Overland
    February 4, 2015

    The dog… sitting alone, or sitting in the pile on the bed… looking at you, the dog says it all. A post from the dog’s perspective, perhaps?


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