The driving test.

The driving test.

Today my dad had to take a driving assessment test at Courage Center.  It’s a comprehensive test for people who’s driving skills are questionable.

It was no surprise to me that the recommendation was that he should not be driving.  I completely understand how losing this form of independence is most difficult.  I am grateful for the wonderful staff at Courage Center who were so respectful yet firm about Louie’s situation.  By the time he got home, my brother had to remind him that he had just gotten tested because he had already forgotten on the drive home.  So sad.  His body still shuffles along, but sadly the brain is shutting down.  It’s a terrible disease.

There is a most excellent documentary on Alzheimer’s by filmmaker Scott Kirschenbaum told from the eye’s of an amazing woman who is in a memory care unit in California.  It gave me greater insight through Lee Gorewitz’s eyes.  You can see the film at this link

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