Protest against the Redskins TCF Stadium

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Third time is the charm!!

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It’s been a long time since I’ve updated the Louie and Darlene story.  It turned out the Legacy of St. Anthony Village was not the perfect place that I had hoped when I moved my parents there last January. Moving out of their beautiful dream home that they lived in for the last 30 years […]

The people against the Safe Schools bill…

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…are the same people so vehemently against the Marriage equality bill.   This young man and his family, I assume his mother offered up my picture of the day within minutes after I arrived. The next frame the woman yelled at me to stop taking pictures.  I asked her if she didn’t expect that the media […]

The Good Son (and Daughter)

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We did it!  Louie and Darlene are moved in to their assisted living apartment.  The universe continued to offer up help as yesterday was the best weather day of the week making the process easier than it would have been had we been one day later.   Our home aide helper Mona the magnificent picked them […]

OMG, I found perfect!!!

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We were scheduled to move into a 2 BR unit at Lilydale Senior Living despite all of my misgivings about the place.  My first choice  was the Legacy of St. Anthony that we toured back in December and I was very impressed.  They have a chef and pastry chef who make fantastic meals.  The best […]

Dog therapy.

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Eleven days until the big move.  Sometimes the unconditional love of a dog feels so good.

Almost perfect

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Today my parents looked at a 2 BR 1 Bath apartment at Lilydale Senior Living that had almost everything on their list of must haves. Washer and drying, check.  Two bedrooms, check.  Balcony with a view, not bad, view of downtown St. Paul and a garden center, check.  Granite counters, hadn’t asked for that but […]

New Mayor, new city council, same council President.

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I have to admit that I was stunned that the vote was unanimous in electing Barb Johnson to another term as council president but I guess I am still naive about the deals that are made behind closed doors.  Johnson retains her position as President of the City Council and Elizabeth Glidden was elected Vice […]

Community dialogue on race relations with Mayor Hodges

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As a part of the Mayor Hodges tour around Minneapolis for her first days in office today was a meeting with leaders in the community that are addressing the issue of racial disparity. Daniel Yang who was a part of organizing the event  tweeted that it was a full house on a very cold winter […]

Mayor Betsy Hodges sworn in

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Betsy asked RT to come to the stage and they did a selfie.  It’s a new generation administration.